10 Most Fascinating People of Katie’s 2007

Back by popular demand (I’m popular, right?), it’s my Barbara Walters-inspired list of the 10 people who fascinated me the most in 2007. There are still two minutes until Barbara Walters reveals her list. Maybe there will be duplicates?

UPDATE: No duplicates. Barbara and I have completely different fascinations.

10. Tori Amos I know that it’s very likely that Tori was fascinating last year—and years before that—but I just noticed it this year. Of course, Bethany sort of forced the issue when she forced asked me to go to a Tori concert with her. The experience opened up my world, and now I am officially fascinated by Tori Amos.

9. Baby Sly The kid isn’t even born yet and this is the third time s/he has shown up on my blog. Yvonne is the first of my friends to have a baby, and looking around at my friends, it may be safe to assume she will be the only one. So I am fascinated—and excited—because I feel like I was put on this Earth to be somebody’s weird aunt.

8. Eric Gordon This is probably his only season playing for IU, but what a season it will be. He is a scoring machine, and no one who has met him has anything bad to say about him. I love a superstar who is super nice. When he was in high school, he had bodyguards, and yet he seems grounded (well, except, when he’s flying to the basket).

7. Amy Winehouse Back to Black came out in 2006, but like every single other awesome thing in the world, I was late coming to the party. (See The L Word and #1 on this list, if you need proof of my slowness.) Amy’s voice is not the point; her persona is. Maybe it’s because she’s British, but her over-the-top, out-of-control rock star lifestyle isn’t annoying. Of course, occasionally, it’s tragic, but it’s always fascinating.

6. Lisa Tsetse All the women people I’ve met since Andy started working at the Fort Wayne Dance Collective are awesome, but Lisa stands out because she once introduced me as Andy’s “partner.” Lisa is so interested in people, and when she talks to me, I feel like she really wants to know me. She holds my hand a lot. I’m not a touchy person, but I was getting used to all the touching. Then she moved to New York.

5. Jodie Foster (You don’t need a link, right? You know who Jodie Foster is, right? RIGHT?) I have actually been fascinated by Jodie Foster for a long time. Little Man Tate is embarrassingly my favorite Jodie Foster movie and I saw it approximately a zillion years ago. I couldn’t sit through Panic Room; it was far too panicky. My dad and I went to see The Brave One, but really, I haven’t seen very many Jodie Foster movies. I almost prefer watching her talk as herself, in interviews and such. She has a unique way of expressing herself and explaining the way that she moves through the world. Oh, and she has these steely blue eyes that are so compelling, that show you everything and yet reveal nothing. “Fascinated” is exactly the way I feel about Jodie Foster.

4. Heather Armstrong She has been at the blog thing for a long time, but through another blog I adore, I just discovered her this year. She has that endearing, self-deprecating, nerdy thing going on. And I am convinced that she, Jon, and Leta are like the west coast, ex-Mormon, even-more-Appley, skinny, all-human version of me, Andy, and Sachen. I love blogs and blogging, and I think Heather is really brave to put herself and her life on the internet like this.

3. Kate Howard I heard y’all say “oh geez” when you got to this one. Believe me, I sort of can’t believe how I can’t get over this woman. Historically, I don’t like new people on my shows. I have been watching GH for 10 years, and I have my people—Alexis, Carly, Jason, etc. I don’t need anymore characters to love; I don’t have room in my fake heart. But Kate Howard stretched my fake heart and moved in anyway. That’s kind of how she works. She’s sort of pushy that way. And stunning. And adorable. It’s hard to be stunning and adorable at the same time, but she pulls it off. The way that she looks down and then up at Sonny just about melts my fake heart. Yes, I am definitely…um…fascinated.

2. Rose Rollins When the S4 cast additions were announced, I was irked. I didn’t want any more people on The L Word. (This is a theme with me.) But I was sold on Tasha the first time I saw her. She is just hot, hot, hot, and she has the best line delivery—all serious and dry with the chuckle coming later. And then Rose did Girl Trash! which was awesome.

1. Indigo Girls How did I live 25 years not listening to the Indigo Girls? This is such a case of “where have you been all my life?” that I almost feel foolish admitting that I have only been listening to the Indigo Girls for about six months. Of course, I am making up for lost time with my passion. What is it about the music that gets me? The lyrics, mostly, I think. The melodies and the harmonies are nice, but I love the vocabulary. Sometimes it crosses over into bombast, but mostly, it’s just awesome. And fascinating.