52 Shows, 52 Weeks: #27 Melissa and Joey

Guys, I just love Melissa & Joey.  There is almost nothing else to say about it.  I love it and that’s that.

What we have here is a show designed for my particular demographic: people who remember and maybe even watched Blossom, Clarissa Explains It All, and Sabrina, The Teenage Witch.  The hitch, however, is that Melissa & Joey is aimed at us as if we were still twelve.  The situation—orphaned kids living with their cool aunt and her newly-hired, also cool nanny/housekeeper—is the kind of thing twelve-year-olds really go for.  ABC Family knows this because ABC Family is a network full of shows for twelve-year-olds.

In addition to relying on the shows of yore I’ve already mentioned, Melissa & Joey borrows heavily from Who’s The Boss? not just in plot but in points of humor.  Even though it is 2011, we are still laughing about how Joe is a man but he’s a housekeeper and how Mel is a woman but she doesn’t know how to cook.  If not for the kids’ ubiquitous electronic devices, I would think the show were set in the ’80s.

All this is not explaining why I like this show.  Well, first you have to understand how much I like Who’s The Boss?  Despite the tired sexist jokes, Who’s The Boss? speaks to the part of my childhood that idolized the career woman.  Angela Bower was a big time advertising executive and she didn’t have time to cook and clean her house.  So she hired Tony Danza.  What’s not to like about that?

Now, Joey Lawrence is no Tony Danza, and Melissa & Joey will never be Who’s The Boss?  But if you knew how much I like iCarly, you wouldn’t be surprised that I like this other show that seems made for twelve-year-olds and sometimes involves wacky hijinks.  Sometimes, it’s nice just to laugh because Melissa Joan Hart said, “I’m beloved and adored.  I’m bedored.”  It isn’t complicated.  It doesn’t make my brow furrow like the use of “I Kissed a Girl” to demonstrate solidarity tonight on Glee.  That kind of shit just hurts my head, and sometimes I don’t want my head to hurt when I watch TV.  Sometimes I just want to look at something that reminds me of the ’90s and makes me laugh.