A note about Felicity

Earlier this week, when I couldn’t sleep because of a terrible head cold, I started watching Felicity because it is available to stream on Netflix.

I think I may have aged out of the target audience. I mean, I can easily see how 19-year-old me could’ve loved this show and found it really valuable. Incidentally, I was 19 when it originally aired so what was I doing?

In addition to making me feel like I missed the boat, Felicity‘s introspective style reminds me of a My So-Called Life sequel, like My So-Called Life: The College Years. So when Devon Gummersall showed up in the fourth episode, it felt totally natural.

Even though I don’t exactly feel like the show is for me at this (advanced) point in my life, I’ll likely finish up the series during the summer. So stay tuned for more “insights.”