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RE: Grey’s Anatomy

I don’t know why Brooke Smith was fired. I’ve read a lot of explanations and rumors (the best take on the issue comes not surprisingly from AfterEllen’s Sarah Warn*), but the real reason doesn’t matter to me at this point. It seems clear that her firing had nothing to do with her job performance. It is too late for you to consider my opinion, but I’ll give it anyway. I loved Dr. Erica Hahn. She was my favorite type of TV character: strong, somewhat emotionally-stunted, extremely good at her job, and equipped with a biting kind of wit and self-deprecating humor. You don’t know me, but my inability to refer to Dr. Hahn as “Erica” is indicative of how much I dig the character.

I started watching Grey’s Anatomy at the beginning of the show’s run, back when it was on Sunday nights after Desperate Housewives, which I stopped watching after the second season. I stuck with Grey’s for a couple reasons. First, I thought it was funny. Funny goes far with me. Second, I am a TV enthusiast. I kind of study it. Grey’s was very popular from the very start and I wanted to be in the know. Third, I liked that the cast was mostly newcomers, although I had seen Isaiah Washington on Soul Food (we’ll get to him in a moment) and I had heard of Patrick Dempsey. Finally, when Kate Walsh showed up, I was hooked. I love me some Kate Walsh. Nothing seals the deal like a pretty woman.

When Isaiah Washington got fired, I was proud. Behind-the-scenes crap can ruin a show for me. No matter how much I love Remington Steele, I can’t watch it without thinking about how much Pierce Brosnan and Stephanie Zimbalist disliked each other. Washington’s behavior created an uncomfortable work environment, and he lost his job because of the way he treated T.R. Knight, who is by all accounts the most adorable person on the planet. I liked that you chose people over money there. Storywise, Burke just disappearing was stupid, but I understood that Washington needed to be gone from the show so I let it go. At this point, I respected Grey’s Anatomy.

When Kate Walsh left Grey’s, my interest in the show started to wane. I continued to watch it because of my generic interest in TV and out of habit, and then Callica drew me back in. When I Callie and Dr. Hahn started to become friends, it made perfect sense to me because they are both the (perhaps only) people at Seattle Grace that I would want to be friends with. Addison returned briefly to verbally connect the dots we had all started to see forming, and then—holy cow!—there were women kissing women on Grey’s Anatomy!

Well, that was incredibly fun while it lasted. Seriously, it was the most fun I’ve had watching this show.

Now I’m finished watching Grey’s Anatomy. This isn’t a boycott. I’m not pretending that my not watching the show will affect your bottom line. I’m just done. That is all.

P.S. So far, I love what you’re doing with Bianca on All My Children. Lucky for Tamara Braun and Eden Riegel, they both are young and skinny…

*I seriously recommend that you follow the link. Sarah Warn is always worth reading, but this time she is especially insightful. Perhaps more importantly, she quotes and links to other insightful women.