Alex Hedison for President

It has been awhile since I used this blog as a platform for expounding on the wonderfulness of Alex Hedison, and what better time to reconfirm my love than on her birthday?

I knew who Alex was long before I ran across her on The Word, because she used to date Ellen DeGeneres. All I knew was that she was a photographer and that she was pretty cute. When I saw her name in the list of guest stars for Season 3, I wondered if it was the same Alexandra Hedison who used to be Ellen’s girlfriend. A quick Google search revealed that, yes, this was that Alexandra Hedison. I didn’t know she was an actress but oh, do I know it now.

She doesn’t do a lot of acting so S3 of The Word may be the only place I ever get to see her do that. I have seen her be Alex on various OurChart things and also on that A&E home improvement show called Designing Blind. (Yes, I watched it a couple times before it got canceled.) Therefore, I am able to know that my love isn’t exclusive to Dylan, the character Alex played on The Word; no, this is really just about Alex.


I don’t know where to start. I love, love, love the way she talks. Her voice is measured and deliberate, especially when she is acting. I get the feeling that she doesn’t say anything without thinking. She moves easily in her body. Although she is funny and engaging, there seems to be a shyness lurking beneath the surface. Maybe “shyness” isn’t the right word. You see, Alex isn’t really all that famous, even though she was for a time in a pretty public, tabloid-fodder relationship with someone who is famous. She seems to shirk fame, to resist celebrity. She prefers photography to acting, which tells me that she doesn’t want her face so visually tied to her work. I read somewhere once that she doesn’t like to audition. Acting is a raw, put-yourself-out-there exercise. There’s no way to hold back and succeed at it. With photography, maybe Alex is able to throw herself completely into the work. Or maybe she just likes taking pictures—which she is very good at. I think this one is my favorite.


There are more here.

I also love her face. Obviously, she is gorgeous. Her face’s allure sort of goes beyond beauty, though. It is a piece of art, really. The eyes are just the right shade of brown and the cheekbones fit so perfectly right under them. Alex is the sort of woman who looks great with or without makeup, dressed up or wearing torn jeans. That marvelous face also seems made for every single kind of haircut. She simply always looks good. Do me a favor and look at these photos here. (This site won’t let me steal the photos but I don’t mind just linking.) Notice how often she looks sideways at the camera instead of facing it head on.

It’s true that I first became enamored with Alex via The Word. Dylan was enigmatic—impossible to dislike, impossible to trust, impossible to know. I had hoped that the show would bring her back, but it seems extremely unlikely that she’ll show up in the abbreviated final season next year. It’s time to let go of the dream and move on. The problem is that I do not want to move past Alex. I want to go everywhere with her. I want her to be on every show I watch and in every movie I see. I respect her decision to concentrate on photography but that keeps her off my radar and out of my line of vision. Thank God for the internet, right?

Happy birthday, Alex.