Some people celebrate birthdays. Some people celebrate wedding anniversaries. Some people remember the dates they got jobs, cats, houses, etc.

I remember this stuff.

YouTube Preview Image

The lack of sound in that video just adds to the creepiness, doesn’t it?

I can’t believe it has been ten years. I feel old, but I’ve aged more gradually than Kristina. Am I right?

Over the weekend, I made the claim that I don’t have The Rage. I thought I was exempt until I remembered the sudden and irrational flurry of an emotion disproportionate in scope to the event that precipitated it that I felt when I found out that Franco is Jason’s twin brother. That can only be described as The Rage. Ten years ago, when Alexis slept with Sonny, I had The Rage. I had it so bad, guys. I’m pleased to report that these YouTube clips of the offending event no longer evoke The Rage or anything close to it. Watching her make this terrible decision doesn’t bring me joy, but The Rage is all gone. Such is The Rage’s way, I guess.

Happy Monday.