Apology to my iPod

Dear Libby*,

I am sorry. For months now, I have been berating you and chastising you and just generally doubting your intelligence. Well, it turns out that you may be smarter than I am. You know what this is about, don’t you?


It’s about All That We Let In. (Why didn’t I move Curve before I took your picture?)

You see, when I illegally downloaded this album last summer, the original order of the songs must have gotten rearranged when I was making it a playlist on iTunes. I got used to the iTunes order and I assumed it was the correct, Indigo Girls-sanctioned order. I even gave the album to my sister in this crazy non-order.

Order is very important to me when it comes to music albums. The way that the artist intended for me to listen to the songs matters. That is why this has been such an issue between you and me.

When I put All That We Let In on you, Libby, the song order got messed up. Or so I thought. (Cue the dramatic music.) I did not understand why you refused to accept the songs as I was giving them to you. Then, when I woke up this morning afternoon early evening, I was trolling the internets and came across a review of All That We Let In which mentioned that “Fill It Up Again” is the first track. I said to the review, “No, ‘Fill It Up Again’ is the first track on my stupid iPod, but ‘All That We Let In’ is the actual first track.”

Then I started to wonder. (Bring back the dramatic music.) What are the odds that this review and my iPod would have the same erroneous information? I checked the review’s song order against your song order, and the list was entirely the same. My next step was to consult the Indigo Girls official website. Why didn’t I do this when the discrepancy first appeared? I jumped to conclusions, Libby. Again, I am sorry.

Well, I guess I don’t have to tell you that according to the official site, the iPod song list is the correct order.

How did you know? I mean, it was wrong on my iTunes playlist. You are spooky. I erased it and reloaded it more than once in an effort to get you to comply, but you stuck to your guns. You are my hero. Thanks for being so dedicated to giving me an authentic Indigo Girls experience.



*Should I explain to the people why your name is Libby? You are an aqua-colored iPod, and this particular shade of blue-green was my late maternal grandmother’s most favorite color. Even her fancy Tupperware sugar dispenser was aqua. And her name was Elizabeth. Sometimes people called her Libby and she didn’t really like it.