As if I could love her more

In the past few weeks, between reading postcolonial theory (not as interesting as it sounds), learning the history of the English language (whoa, more on this later, probably), grading research papers, and obviously not blogging, I have been falling in love with Jane Fonda’s blog. Yes, Jane Fonda has a blog. And she has a Twitter. These are gifts directly from the internet gods. Jane Fonda blogs in the way one would expect Jane Fonda to blog: brilliantly.

I could go on and on, but instead I will list the things I have learned about Jane Fonda lately. These things not only further endear her to me, but also prove that we are leading somewhat parellel lives. Destiny is leading Jane Fonda to me. It’s only a matter of time.

Things I Have Learned About Jane Fonda

1. Jane Fonda watches Brothers & Sisters. (I may have been quiet on this subject thus far, but I’ve been watching this show faithfully since its premiere.)

2. Jane Fonda knows about the Indigo Girls. (Granted, she sort of conflated the Indigo Girls and Emily Saliers as she referred to Watershed as being owned by the Indigo Girls when it is in fact just Emily’s restaurant. But she knows about the Indigo Girls!)

3. Jane Fonda likes Joan Didion.

4. Jane Fonda loves her dog until it is almost embarrassing. She takes her to work with her (which is backstage at a play) and there is an entire section of the website dedicated to Tulea. The line between love and embarrassment is thin and my judgment admittedly tends to be lenient because my pet love could also be called embarrassing. It is for this reason that Jane Fonda’s love for her dog brings me closer to her.

5. Jane Fonda gets sick! She had a sinus thing last week, and I would be lying if I didn’t wake up on Monday morning wondering if Jane Fonda was feeling better.

Yes, it is necessary to refer to her always as “Jane Fonda.” She is one of those people who is always her first and last name. A world in which I am able to call her “Jane” is beyond my comprehension.