Internet, I want you to meet the tiniest member of our family.  This is Aubrey.

She was born on Sunday night.  Her mother is Andy’s little sister.  We are old.

In a year that has been less-than-inviting, Aubrey is certainly a bright spot.  She would be the best thing ever no matter when or where she showed up, but I was unprepared for how gosh-darn happy she would make me.  I had been in an emotional slump, and April had been improving my mood slowly.  Now, though, April is like the best month ever!  Just knowing that Aubrey exists in the world means I no longer have to talk myself into getting out of bed every morning.

Aubrey weighs about four and a half pounds so, yes, she is quite tiny.  Her father says “she’s so small” at least three times an hour, just marveling at how tiny a fully-formed human can be.  You see, although Aubrey is tiny, she is perfectly healthy.  Perfectly perfect, actually.

This photo was taken just over an hour after she was born.  It is a little blurry because she was waving at me.

I had never been so close to so brand new a human before.  I was surprisingly not afraid to touch her or lean in and whisper to her all the ways in which her uncle and I were going to spoil her.  Madeline and Logan have made Andy and me babysitting superstars and Aubrey will certainly benefit from all their hard work.  See how excited she is?