Can you tell by my anxious grin that college basketball season has begun?

Oh, the foul trouble! Oh, the anal refs! Oh, the anxiety of it all!

So I’ve officially determined that it doesn’t matter who coaches IU basketball. The coach is not the face of the program. That cool I in the middle of the U symbol is what it’s all about. Of course the coach has to be good. Clearly, Rick Greenspan isn’t beating down my door—although he may consider it because I would be so cheap and the IU athletic department is in debt up to its face masks. (Make note of my sneaky football reference; everyone knows IU basketball only makes money.)

By the way, Dick Vitale is still annoying. I know he’s a legend, but he’s such a tool. Every time he talks about Robert Montgomery Knight, I want to vomit. He wants to rename Assembly Hall after a person who, while a successful basketball coach, is pretty much a jerk. It’s possible to be tough and retain your humanity, and why shouldn’t IU basketball demand both for its program? That’s all I’m saying. No more about Bobby Knight for the rest of the season because the head coach at Texas Tech has nothing to do with IU basketball.