Am I a writer?

In which I talk about the nature of the craft, the ones who are good at it and the ones who aren’t, and the stories I’m working on that aren’t the novel

“the butter melts out of habit”

There’s a pervasive belief floating around life, the internet, and my dentist’s office that it takes 21 days to form a habit. According to this wet blanket Forbes article, this 21 day idea is a myth, which makes sense. I mean, I want to make running a habit, but I cannot run for 21 days […]

Joan Didion tattoo

I have a book tattoo. Well, actually, I have two book tattoos, but this is about the one that is literally a book. It is supposed to be my Joan Didion tattoo, and there will eventually be a quote under the book. I can only sit for ten minutes at a time so I got […]

Dear Joan Didion: Part 1

It seems worth mentioning that you are among a select group of people for whom a first name is never enough. I always refer to you as “Joan Didion.” This select group is made up of friends and famous strangers alike. It makes no difference if I know an individual personally. For example, I usually […]

on steam and running out of it

Last week a good friend of mine wrote a thorough and thoughtful response in an email thread and toward the end of his missive, he admitted he had run of steam and quickly signed off. He knew we would understand. We are all writers and we all run out of steam. While I was reading […]