Am I a writer?

In which I talk about the nature of the craft, the ones who are good at it and the ones who aren’t, and the stories I’m working on that aren’t the novel

Why I Write

My good friend Erica tagged me in this thing that is going around the blogs. It’s supposed to be for writers but she tagged me anyway. It’s one of those things where you answer four questions (in this case about your own writing) and then tag two other writers to do the same. It’s an […]

“chase the feeling til you die”

Recently, I admitted to a friend (via Twitter so somewhat publicly) that I do not take risks as a reader. I will mindlessly consume a terrible television show without a second thought, but if a book isn’t written by Joan Didion, Barbara Kingsolver, or Toni Morrison, I let my fear keep me from taking chances. […]

Janet’s Driveway: A Writing Memoir

I blocked off this entire day for writing. This blog post may seem like cheating, but writing is writing to me. All of it stirs up some degree of guilt. Every time I open up my laptop, I feel like I should be working on work stuff, like for my actual job. There are papers […]

“the highest form of art”

So far this year, I have read three novels. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but every time I sit down to read, I feel guilty if I am not reading something for work. My work requires a lot of reading—not just student papers, but also the things my students are reading for class. […]