Am I a writer?

In which I talk about the nature of the craft, the ones who are good at it and the ones who aren’t, and the stories I’m working on that aren’t the novel

52 Shows, 52 Weeks: #11 30 Rock

Because of Tina Fey’s two recent—and of course brilliantly entertaining—articles in The New Yorker, I have been reflecting on my 30 Rock experience. With 30 Rock, Tina Fey has blended wry irreverence, sharp cultural awareness, and earnestness in a way that I wish I could fully wrap my head around, let alone do something with.  […]

First drafts

Last week, I left a long, plaintive comment on this other, better blog because lately, like in the past year or so, I’ve been struggling with producing content for this space. I had been attributing the block to a couple of things, including how my write-all-the-time muscle has a permanent cramp now that I’m not […]

Namaste or namago

I went to a free yoga day on Saturday. While the hippiness of yoga has always appealed to me, the exercise aspect has not. I am not a person who moves when she doesn’t have to. Sachen and I have that in common. I know a lot of yoga people (and I think Alice on […]

The Poem

Those of you following my Twitter are familiar with the poem already. Allow me to explain further. The saga of my surrealism class continues to force me into uncomfortable situations. On Thursday, the prof casually mentioned that he wanted us to write a poem in the style of “The Voice of Robert Desnos.” I immediately […]