Amy Ray

half Indigo Girl, all awesome

Rock rock rock rock

Took some remarkably non-sucky photos at the Amy Ray show in Chicago tonight. More on the awesomeness later. Click on each one to experience the full greatness of my photography skillz. This last one is kind of dark, but it’s the only one with her mandolin.  For the encore, she came out alone and played […]

What are YOU doing?

Friends, I have been on Twitter. I have allowed it to replace blogging. This was not my intention. It was supposed to be a supplement to my blog and a medium in which I only dabbled. Even though I have been giving Twitter (I want to call it The Twitter, like The Google, but I […]

Didn’t It Feel Philosophical

I may be overwhelmed. I woke up this morning with all ten tracks of Didn’t It Feel Kinder stuck in my head. I always wake up with a song in my head, but usually it is just one. Today, it was ten playing at the same time. It reminded me of that episode of BtVS […]