Amy Ray

half Indigo Girl, all awesome

Didn’t It Feel Special

My copy of Didn’t It Feel Kinder came in the mail today. The album doesn’t come out officially until tomorrow so, yeah, I feel pretty special. I have listened to the album all the way through twice now, and I’ve listened to “Cold Shoulder” and “Stand and Deliver” a few extra times. Before I got […]


This week I have encountered not one but two unexpected mergings of two of my favorite things. The first one is a pretty major, almost life-changing internet event. The second one was really just a fleeting moment, but it made my day just the same. Favorite things: TV and Amy Ray This brings me Amy […]

It’s time to give Amy Ray her own category

And now we return to our regularly-scheduled Amy Ray-obsessed programming… I am dreaming of Amy Ray writing a book. I know she isn’t the memoir type, and I’m not asking for her to bear her soul. I think her music does that for her. I just want a book about anything, a book that reads […]