Billy Joel

Here is a dude whose genius I will never get over.

52 Weeks, 52 Shows: #9 Glee

I started watching Glee this season.  I was late to the party, as usual.  I don’t know what went on last season because I only watched one episode, the Lady Gaga-themed one called “Theatricality.”  I don’t suppose I have to tell you that this part made me cry. (Forgive the quality of the video.  It […]

Didn’t It Feel Philosophical

I may be overwhelmed. I woke up this morning with all ten tracks of Didn’t It Feel Kinder stuck in my head. I always wake up with a song in my head, but usually it is just one. Today, it was ten playing at the same time. It reminded me of that episode of BtVS […]


This week I have encountered not one but two unexpected mergings of two of my favorite things. The first one is a pretty major, almost life-changing internet event. The second one was really just a fleeting moment, but it made my day just the same. Favorite things: TV and Amy Ray This brings me Amy […]

“Turn out the lights, don’t try to save me”

I can’t let another seven years go by before I see Billy Joel again. Other than it being too short (what is long enough, though?) the concert was perfect. He opened with “Prelude/Angry Young Man,” which totally rocked. The screen (we were too far away to see anything) showed his fingers on the keys and […]