Billy Joel

Here is a dude whose genius I will never get over.

Zero days to Billy Joel

I am here in downtown Columbus, Ohio, ready to see Billy Joel. I made three special CDs for the trip here, and we spent an unprecedented three hours in the car not listening to the Indigo Girls. The concert starts in less than four hours. Can I get a woo hoo?

Two days to Billy Joel

Have I ever told y’all the story about my seventh grade school picture? Well, I was thirteen and very committed to “being myself,” which, when you’re thirteen, involves some pointed ignoring of the fact that you have no idea who “yourself” is. The previous year, I had been to a Billy Joel concert and I […]

Four days to Billy Joel

Turnstiles is my favorite Billy Joel album, but I discovered this morning that it isn’t on my iPod. The truth is that I don’t listen to Billy Joel on my iPod very often. (Well, the whole truth is that my iPod might as well be called an Indigo Girls player.) I have been a Billy […]

“No one knows how the stranger is inspired”

Billy Joel was on Oprah today, and it was nothing short of amazing. He had never been on the show before. These days he doesn’t really do TV interviews at all so this was a special treat for me. Billy Joel is a real musician, not so much a rock star, and when he talks […]