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I’m still figuring out this medium. What is it, how does it work, what does it mean, and am I doing it right?

Rachel Getting My Attention

On Saturday night, Andy and I went to see a very good movie called Rachel Getting Married. Before I proceed, let me beg you to stay. Please don’t avoid this post if you haven’t seen (but wish to see) this film. Rachel Getting Married isn’t the sort of movie that can be “ruined” by spoilers. […]

December in the rear view mirror

I had big blogging plans for this month, but you can see that I didn’t get to implementing them. Well, maybe the plans weren’t exactly “big,” but there was more than just the 10 Most Fascinating People of 2008 plan. Because I have blog guilt, here is a list of the posts I would have […]

What are YOU doing?

Friends, I have been on Twitter. I have allowed it to replace blogging. This was not my intention. It was supposed to be a supplement to my blog and a medium in which I only dabbled. Even though I have been giving Twitter (I want to call it The Twitter, like The Google, but I […]

This is not why they call me Tweeter

On Monday I succumbed to peer pressure and got myself a Twitter. As far as I can tell, Twitter is the love child of blogging and text messaging. I can know what people are doing and thinking at any hour of the day without ever having to talk to them, let alone see them. This […]