Blog Me

I’m still figuring out this medium. What is it, how does it work, what does it mean, and am I doing it right?


I finally put each and every one of my 165+ posts into a category. Just last night, I was telling my husband that categories and labels are limiting. He countered with, “It’s human nature to categorize things.” I say, Screw human nature. I’m interested in what works. For instance, I don’t think sexual identity categories […]

Blog maintenance

Because I need more to do or because I am avoiding writing or because this may actually improve my blog experience, I am committed to categorizing the archives. I have 146 posts left. Sheesh.

Reflections of you and me…

I guess I’ve been at this longer than I thought. In the frenzy to revamp the look of my blog, I was reading through the archives and discovered that in December of 2005, over a year ago, I was talking about Fluid. It had a different name back then and I was under the impression […]

Blog design ADD

I have had at least three different blog designs in the last 48 hours. I went so long with the same one, so proud of my MTM-themed header. Why am I suddenly dissatisfied? I wanted something with a white background and I wanted the business to be on the right instead of the left. I […]

Blog Envy

Sometimes I want to blog like anthropolowhat. I want to plop parts of Fluid on to my blog, in no particular order, without a preface or any clue, really, as to how the stories fit together or what they mean to each other. For instance, while I was at work on Sunday, I wrote a […]