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Sometimes the power goes out and I am forced to read…

Joan Didion tattoo

I have a book tattoo. Well, actually, I have two book tattoos, but this is about the one that is literally a book. It is supposed to be my Joan Didion tattoo, and there will eventually be a quote under the book. I can only sit for ten minutes at a time so I got […]

Dear Joan Didion: Part 2

The thing I miss most about college is literature classes. I had a writing concentration but writing about literature was always when I felt most myself. I took mostly American lit courses, and each course inevitably involved at least one book or author I didn’t think I wanted to read. Sometimes, I discovered a new […]

Take a look.

Last week, I caught the end of one of Maureen Corrigan’s book reviews on Fresh Air and found myself spiraling toward an existential crisis. I guess I was due for one. The review gushed about Sarah Waters’s new novel, The Paying Guests, but I don’t think the book itself has anything to do with this crisis. […]