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Sometimes the power goes out and I am forced to read…

Like Chely Wright

So I read Chely Wright’s book, Like Me, over Labor Day weekend. On the one hand, it was very country music. There was a lot of Jesus-loving and God-fearing, and boy howdy, she sure does support the troops. I expected this thread to run throughout the book, and while these are really the qualities about […]

Culture goes *pop*

I spent the weekend with people who are voracious consumers of pop culture. This is the new M.I.A. album. Have you heard it? I was so upset when The Sarah Silverman Program got canceled. I know! My favorite episode is the one where she drives around in her car while she’s drinking NyQuil from the […]


These are my two favorite poems. I was going to save them for the end of the month, but logically isn’t how I roll so here they are now. First, there is this gem. It’s just two lines, and I could not ever hope to come close to this kind of brilliance. If country music […]


I have just in the past few years became a person who can read poetry. I had previously not had the patience. The language in poetry is necessarily more dense than in fiction and therefore requires intellectual unpacking of a sort that I couldn’t harness. I’m finally a less feverish reader now, and I’m willing […]