feminist angst


When I first read about Girls, I was suspicious. The women’s studies part of my brain was all “do privileged white girls really need another ‘voice’ in popular culture, especially TV?” and “why is it called Girls, anyway? Aren’t these women, after all?” When I actually watched the show, my first question remained but the […]

Weird feelings

You know how you get a weird feeling about the people your current lover used to date? It isn’t necessarily a good or a bad feeling; it’s just weird. Maybe it’s vaguely uncomfortable, but it’s definitely weird. That’s how I feel about Jennifer Baumgardner. You all know that she used to date Amy Ray, right? […]

Get to Work

Last week, I read Get to Work by Linda Hirshman because she came to campus on Wednesday to talk about the book.  It’s a short book, just around 90 pages, but it packs a big punch.  The back cover asks “A question for stay-at-home mothers: does changing your children’s diapers count as a fulfilling job?” […]