Figure It Out Friday

Figure It Out Friday: Two Years is 730 days

Monday is my 2-year wedding anniversary so in honor of the fact that Andy is still hanging in there, here are the top 10 best things about being married to Andy. 10. He claims to hate the soaps, but I’ve seen him grinning at Spinelli. And for someone who doesn’t like country music, he sure […]

Figure It Out Friday: Food

In honor of Junk Food Alley at the Three Rivers Festival, here are my 10 favorite foods, not ranked because the list is fluid, you know? I’m not always in the mood for cottage cheese, but on the other hand, I am always in the mood for Coney Island hot dogs so I guess we […]

Figure It Out Friday: Drink Me a Song

In keeping with the way the last couple weeks of my life have turned out, here are my 10 favorite drinking songs. There are really two varieties of drinking songs. There are the songs you sing whilst you drink (see #2) and there are the songs that make you want to drink (see #1). I’m […]