Pieces of a novel about Hillary, a 42-year-old corporate attorney, who leaves her 17-year marriage to financier Collin for Ava, a 25-year-old art student

Namaste or namago

I went to a free yoga day on Saturday. While the hippiness of yoga has always appealed to me, the exercise aspect has not. I am not a person who moves when she doesn’t have to. Sachen and I have that in common. I know a lot of yoga people (and I think Alice on […]


Here’s the thing. I think I may be a little in love with Hillary*. This is awkward, because I made her up and because she isn’t real. On one hand, she’s even more not-real than Bette Porter and Kate Howard, and yet on the other hand, to me, she is so much more real than […]

In which Ava gets a job

Hillary left the office early and arrived home around four. The living room and kitchen were empty. “Where’s Ava?” she asked Elton, who stood at her feet silently. He extended his front legs, parted his furry toes, and lifted his rear in a magnificent stretch.  Hillary interpreted his response as informing her that he had […]

In which Hillary and Ava have a tryst in a darkroom

[Author’s Note: I worked on this for two weeks. These were two weeks that I could’ve been working on all those conversations that Hillary and Ava like to have. Let me know if all the work was worth it.] Ava was wearing a skirt, a tank top, and flip-flops. No panty hose, just naked skin […]