Pieces of a novel about Hillary, a 42-year-old corporate attorney, who leaves her 17-year marriage to financier Collin for Ava, a 25-year-old art student

In which Ava gets her hair cut and fights with Hillary

It was Saturday afternoon and Hillary wanted Ava to go buy flower seed with her. “Flower seed for what?” Ava asked. “To plant in the backyard. Come on, you’re from Indiana. I’m counting on you to know this stuff.” “Why do you think I left Indiana?” “Will you help me?” “Why do you want to […]

In which Hillary is cured

Hillary arrived early for her final therapy appointment. She anxiously tapped the heel of her shoe against the leg of the chair in the waiting room while the receptionist glared at her. Finally, it was three o’clock and Hillary settled herself in the chair next to Dr. Garrison’s. “I know this is supposed to be […]

Soundtrack to Fluid

These are the songs I use when I’m writing. I don’t even want to think about what it would be like to write without Mary Chapin Carpenter’s Time*Sex*Love album. I need the energy the music provides. You may not realize this about me but I’m actually quite lethargic. And lazy. These particular songs made it […]