Pieces of a novel about Hillary, a 42-year-old corporate attorney, who leaves her 17-year marriage to financier Collin for Ava, a 25-year-old art student

Maybe this is why it isn’t finished

The truth is that I don’t know if Hillary and Ava will make it to the end of the novel, whatever that may be. I do know that Hillary will not go back to Collin. That is not the sort of story I want to tell. Sometimes it feels equally as unlikely that she will […]

In which Hillary meets Lexi, Ava’s psycho ex

“It’s Emily’s birthday,” Ava explained as they climbed the stairs to the loft. “I know parties aren’t really your scene, but I thought we could stay for a little while.” “Of course. It’s her birthday.” Hillary was feeling good. Collin’s business in Hong Kong had been extended so he wouldn’t be home until Monday. She […]