Indigo Girls

the folk rock duo that changed my life

Indigo Girls in Carmel, IN

As soon as I found out that the Indigo Girls were going to be in Carmel, Indiana—less than two short hours from my West Central Fort Wayne home—I knew July was going to be different.  I suppose I’ve mentioned that so far, 2011 hasn’t been our year.  July has indeed been better.  We did indeed […]

“a pack of dreams that just weren’t allowed”

Like “True Romantic,” “Ghost of the Gang” reminds me of Amy’s solo stuff, specifically Prom. Surely you’ve noticed it, too. It’s about the past and youthful friendships in the same way that those songs on Prom are, but it’s also about suicide. What is up with all the suicide on this album, by the way? […]

“if you get lonely for the trouble and the chaos”

I like the acoustic version of “True Romantic” more than the band one. Because I am generally more interested in the lyrics than the music, I don’t usually react differently to the acoustic versions of the songs on Poseidon and the Bitter Bug. What I like about the acoustic version of “True Romantic” is that […]