Indigo Girls

the folk rock duo that changed my life

“staring down the brilliant dream”

My friend Liz, who knows about these things, tells me that the reason the beginning of “Love Of Our Lives” stands out is that they are singing in unison, rather than in harmony. I suppose “unison” is a more useful term than “together,” which is how I was describing it. I think the unison was […]

“the cool tongue of the devil”

Sometimes when I’m talking to Emily Saliers, I call her “Em.” I’m telling you this fun fact not as a prelude to a bigger story in which I discuss my weekend in a psychiatric facility—no, I realize these are fake conversations, that I don’t actually talk to Emily Saliers—but as a way of demonstrating how […]

2008: The Year of the Indigo

While three times may seem insignificant to certain people who can claim six times, three times seeing the Indigo Girls in one year feels awesome to me. What further heightens the awesome factor is that I was at the first stop on this tour (Richmond—surely you remember Richmond?) and the last stop (Joliet last night). […]