Indigo Girls

the folk rock duo that changed my life

Never second best

Today is Emily Saliers’s birthday. I can imagine how someone could get the impression that I am somewhat indifferent to Emily, in light of the lopsided amount of love her Indigo Girls partner-in-amazingness gets from me. There isn’t a word for what exists between me and Amy, but I have noticed Emily, too. I am […]

Lean in for a sec

Internet, can I tell you a secret? A friend of mine is right now at an Indigo Girls concert. She is right now with Amy and Emily, and I am sitting here alone in my office thinking about how I am not at an Indigo Girls concert. It’s not as if I was supposed to […]

Filling the hole

After I saw the Indigo Girls in Richmond back on May 31, I knew I had to find something else to listen to, somewhere else to direct my musical energies, or I would go crazy waiting for Didn’t It Feel Kinder to come out on August 5. First I turned to my staples: Sheryl Crow, […]

Ohio is so not worth $10.25

Well, Ohio took up a little more than half of our trip and then had the gall to charge us $10.25 for traveling across its boring width. Seriously, Ohio, get interesting or get out. Pennsylvania, however, was lovely. We traveled the Pennsylvania Turnpike, which made us think of Billy Joel, even though we were listening […]