Indigo Girls

the folk rock duo that changed my life

“I can’t get it out/ it’s kinda rough”

This morning, I was having an email conversation about Amy Ray and I realized that while I took the trouble to purchase Stag from iTunes months ago, I have listened to it perhaps two times since then. My love affair with Prom has been well-documented (and here), but I must have gotten distracted before I […]

Apology to my iPod

Dear Libby*, I am sorry. For months now, I have been berating you and chastising you and just generally doubting your intelligence. Well, it turns out that you may be smarter than I am. You know what this is about, don’t you? It’s about All That We Let In. (Why didn’t I move Curve before […]

Come on now what’s with this album?

Seriously, what is going on with Come On Now Social? There are so many different kinds of songs on this album that it is difficult for me to get a handle on it. This album is causing me problems because I am unable to pledge my undying love to it. The others I have thus […]

Strange indeed

I am constantly rearranging, refocusing, and reiterating my ideas about the Indigo Girls. I’m sticking with “Moment of Forgiveness” as my favorite song, but there are “Get Out the Map” days. Of course, there are also “Hope Alone” and “Ghost” days, but I am just not emo enough to call one of those songs my […]