Indigo Girls

the folk rock duo that changed my life

Michael shot Kate Howard and other reasons today was not a good day

I have the cold/flu thing that everyone else on the planet has already had. I fell some time between Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, and I finally admitted defeat yesterday. The twenty-four hours following my surrender were miserable. The one bright spot came in the middle of the night when my mucus and phlegm-induced delirium […]

I think Amy Ray reads my blog

Trouble came around here, people. My Indigo Girls concert is not going to be rescheduled. It has been canceled. Why? Why? Why? I shake my hands at the sky in frustrated desperation. You don’t suppose Amy Ray read my post about her and decided I am far too creepy to be allowed near her? Amy, […]

“Cutting my heart, burning my soul”

It’s after one a.m. and I was just about to go to bed when it started to thunderstorm. It doesn’t usually thunderstorm in February, right? The window is open just about six inches and I can feel the cool breeze and smell the rain. The thunder is low, no giant, crackling booms that slice through […]