Indigo Girls

the folk rock duo that changed my life

Still waiting to have my life changed

By now, you all have heard that my Indigo Girls concert was canceled because Emily Saliers is sick. I’m sure it was in all your local papers with headlines like “Fort Wayne Woman Gets Heart Broken Near Chicago.” Don’t worry. I am not going to harm myself. I have promised that the concert will be […]

Nomads, Indians, Saints

In preparation for seeing the Indigo Girls (IN TWO WEEKS!) I am familiarizing myself with the Indigo Girls discography. Right now, I’m on Nomads, Indians, Saints. You know that feeling you get when you find out that someone you already think is awesome is secretly a huge IU basketball fan, too and how perfect you […]

Joliet or bust

The Indigo Girls are going to be in Joliet, IL on Feb. 2 and SO AM I! I’ve been told by a reliable source that going to an Indigo Girls concert is like going to church so how could I not go? It was easy to talk Bethany into going with me; she’s a church-goer, […]

More on Prom

I think I’m ready to claim “Covered for You” as my favorite song on Prom. This kind of surprised me because “Rural Faggot” really affects me and I love the way that “Sober Girl” starts with “I’m a sober girl, not for any good reason.” Today, though, I realized that “Covered for You” is the […]