Indigo Girls

the folk rock duo that changed my life

Amy Gay

A couple weeks ago, when I was hanging out with Tom at Dave’s house in Indy, I listened to some of Amy Ray’s most recent solo album, Prom, which was on Tom’s iPod. I came home and promptly purchased the CD the old-fashioned way—on Amazon. The CD finally came in the mail yesterday, and I […]

you speak so cryptically/ that’s not news to me

Every time I become flabbergasted at the relative anonymity of the Indigo Girls, I realize that the reason that no one has ever heard (of) them is probably that they haven’t compromised their genius. Let’s assume that I am not influenced by an overwhelming tendency to believe that lesbians are cooler and smarter than everyone […]

Random makes me feel arbitrary

Every time I read somebody random iTunes playlist, I feel isolated and confused because, inevitably, it is filled with songs and artists I have never even heard of. Is my musical circle too limited? Probably. How do I remedy this, and more importantly, how do I know if I want to remedy this? I have […]