Best. Sport. Ever.

Indiana, we’re all for you!

Here we are in the thick of college basketball season. This is my favorite time of the year. All over the Twitter and Facebook, people are complaining about the cold, lack of sunshine, and blah blah blah. Every time I see a post like that, I think, “Don’t you know how lucky you are to […]

This is why I love Tom Izzo

From a Journal-Gazette story about Butler playing in the Final Four in Indy: “There’s no question, this is a special story for Butler and deservedly so,” Michigan State coach Tom Izzo said. “If I wasn’t playing them, I would be a fan. I can promise you that.”

11th in the Big Ten

It seems entirely appropriate that IU finished the season ranked 11th in a conference that, according to its name, includes just 10 teams. It was just that kind of a season. I haven’t written about my Hoosiers at all this season, save for making Coach Tom Crean one of my 1o Most Fascinating People because […]

D.J. White for President

How much am I going to miss this guy? It’s always special for the fans when a player sticks around long enough for us to watch him become what we always knew he was going to be. That has happened tenfold this season with D.J. His contribution to the team isn’t just numbers, although the […]