Best. Sport. Ever.

Coach Sampson: We hardly knew ya

The thing is…I liked him. I really did. I don’t suppose that there’s any doubt that he broke the rules—again. Even if the allegations this time around are false, the ones that followed him from Oklahoma weren’t. He established a pattern of behavior; now he has a reputation for illegal recruiting tactics. He can’t be […]

I am officially afraid of Purdue

When did Purdue get good? They just won at Wisconsin, and my jaw is just hanging open.  You may remember that less than two weeks ago, IU lost an embarrassing game in Wisconsin. All I am saying is that if D.J. has 22, the final score should be more than 46!!! Anyway. This Purdue transformation […]

Big Disappointment Network

I was going to blog about this yesterday, but my panic was too fresh to articulate. That post would’ve been all “17 games! That’s like half the season! No, more than half! 17!!!!” So you see why I waited. The IDS blog already said everything, anyway. I just want to add my disappointment to theirs, I guess. […]