Best. Sport. Ever.

Greg Oden breaks my basketball-shaped heart

I have just this morning learned, via my weird habit of Googling “Greg Oden” every day or so, that the aforementioned Big Man is entering the NBA draft. Even though I’m hardly an Ohio State fan, I am disappointed in Oden’s decision. I wanted him to stick around, get even better, and set a hard […]

Final Snore

I’ll admit that my basketball fever is low grade this year. It’s not just because my Hoosiers have been gone since the second round, but as long as we’re talking about Indiana basketball, how easily do we become complacent? Oh, just another 20-win season. Oh, just another season of being undefeated at home. Personally, I’m […]

First “duh” moment of 2007

In this morning’s Journal Gazette, there is a news article titled “IU center gives gives Congress low grades over partisanship.” I said to myself, Why would the government care what D.J. White thinks about partisanship in Congress? Of course, the article is actually about the Center on Congress at IU in which political scientists study, […]