Best. Sport. Ever.

Sour 16

Only IU can make you believe in miracles and then sucker punch when you’re looking the other way, like down the Road to the Final Four. It was a season that flatlined several times before the final TOD was declared on Saturday. We should feel lucky—glad, even—that they got back into the tournament. We should […]

It must be March…

…because I have the madness. I didn’t realize how high I was riding the wave of North Side’s sectional run until the wave crashed into Snider and we were all swept into the undertoe. I am disappointed for myself and for my sister and for those boys. Sitting so close to the court and looking […]

About Mike Davis

I don’t want this blog to turn into a forum for my thoughts, opinions, prayers, hopes, dreams, etc. regarding IU basketball, but I also don’t want to impose any constraints on it. I want the words to flow in whatever direction suits them. And I can’t just say nothing about Mike Davis. It reminds me […]

Love Letter

Dear Marshall Strickland, A.J. Ratliff, Marco Killingsworth, Rod Wilmont, Errek Suhr, Lewis Monroe, Earl Calloway, Sean Kline, Ben Allen, Robert Vaden, and Mike Davis, I know you think I shouldn’t still love you or tell you that, but you keep on playin’ games like you know I’m here to stay. I know it may seem […]