Best. Sport. Ever.

From this moment…

There will be no more posts about the depressing and emotional hobby that is IU basketball. I will keep on watching because I am loyal and also pathetic. (Thank you, Vanessa Marcil for exploiting my loyalty and turning it into something pathetic.) The game will still matter to me, but I will limit its significance […]

Keepin’ the Faith?

Lately, holding on to my IU basketball faith is more difficult than getting the cat to love me. As I reflect on the dismal 40 points scored against Minnesota’s 61 points, I once again question what exactly it is that I’m holding on to. My character is susceptible to the lure of being a fan. […]

Indiana 60, Iowa 73

This morning, I heard on the radio that Jan. 24 is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year. I looked at the gray sky, at my moist windshield, and at the trees bent over as they succumbed to the forceful wind. I thought about the fact that it was 9:45 am and […]