Jennifer Beals

Holy hotness, I cannot get over this woman.

52 Shows, 52 Weeks: #19 The Chicago Code

Of course I started watching The Chicago Code because of Jennifer Beals.  When The L Word ended, I lost my guaranteed access to fresh Jennifer Beals.  I mean, I could still watch my The L Word DVDs and rent Flashdance, but those things have already happened.  I need new Jennifer Beals, and that is what […]

Have soapbox, will travel

Please indulge me, friends. Can we have a brief word about Bette Porter? In a season where Ilene Chaiken seems determined to test not just the limits of our patience but of our eyes, I could not be more enamored with Bette Porter. First, there was the episode with all the laughing. It was as […]

December in the rear view mirror

I had big blogging plans for this month, but you can see that I didn’t get to implementing them. Well, maybe the plans weren’t exactly “big,” but there was more than just the 10 Most Fascinating People of 2008 plan. Because I have blog guilt, here is a list of the posts I would have […]

Dear people who make movies,

Please do not list Jennifer Beals at the top of the opening credits if she is not really going to be in your stupid movie. I am talking to you, Alexandre Rockwell, regarding your weird 13 Moons film in which I spent 93 minutes with my brow furrowed in confusion only to be rewarded with […]