Jennifer Beals

Holy hotness, I cannot get over this woman.

It’s all in my head

Do you ever have a day where the thoughts in your head are not in your own voice?  Today the voice of my internal dialogue is Helen from Bad Girls.  This would seem odd because I am not Scottish, but you’d be surprised how many days I spend with Sonny’s voice in my head.  It’s […]

“You’ve ruined me for anyone else.”

So Jodi finally verbalized what we’ve all been experiencing for going on four seasons now.  Once you go Bette, you never go back.  I myself came to this realization earlier on Sunday when I was watching SVU in my TiVo.  Kim Delaney guest-starred last week and with the moving and the craziness, I didn’t get […]

Happy President’s Day

Okay, so she isn’t exactly the president of anything, except maybe my universe which is so not a democracy.  I’m saving my specific comments about yesterday’s episode for the podcast, which Andy and I will record later tonight, but I just couldn’t help but express my fondness one more time on this blog. In preparing […]