Jennifer Beals

Holy hotness, I cannot get over this woman.

In honor of the day

This is a day meant to celebrate MLK Jr. and his leadership in the civil rights movement. Therefore, I choose this day to unveil my idea for a new TV show. Nicole Ari Parker and Jennifer Beals play a lesbian couple who have a law firm. They’re civil rights attorneys. It’s called Partners. I think […]


Jennifer Beals should have a radio show so that I can get to know her without the distraction of her physical beauty. She’s really intelligent. It’s evident from her acting, but when she is being Jennifer Beals, she is so articulate and sophisticated. She went to Yale, you know. American literature. I’m sure she would […]

The rumors are true.

I rented Four Rooms and bought cupcakes to celebrate Jennifer Beals’ birthday. Today she is 43. Let me just say that 43 doesn’t look like it used to. Forty is the new 30, I think. Maybe I read that in Cosmo or Harper’s Bazaar or another rag or maybe I made it up. Regardless, Jennifer […]