Jennifer Beals

Holy hotness, I cannot get over this woman.

Dear Sheryl Crow,

I want to make sure you know that I still love you. I know I’ve been talking a lot about Jennifer Beals lately, but I remain enormously fond of you. I saw you on Oprah today and you referred to yourself in air quotes as a “rock star.” It was so adorable and hot at […]

What have I done?

Mary Ann wants to know “What is it about Jennifer Beals that is so attractive?” I think I may have been too honest and now I’m stuck. How can I tell Mary Ann that I spent most of the summer trying to answer this question and all I can really say is that she just […]


By the way, this thing with Bette and me is not a lesbian thing. It’s an art thing. I had a revelation today while I was staring at her and realizing that even though practically no one looks good in blue eyeshadow, there she was, wearing blue eyeshadow and looking fantastic. She’s just wonderful to […]