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52 Shows, 52 Weeks #24: Out of Practice

On Friday night, I started watching Out of Practice—a sitcom that lasted just the 2005-06 TV season—on Netflix.  I was infatuated instantly, and Sunday night, I finished the entire 22 episode series. On the surface, there is nothing out of the ordinary about this show.  Maybe that’s why it didn’t last long.  I’ve given up […]

52 Shows, 52 Weeks: #14 Ellen

This week in the pop culture course I teach we watched the famous coming out episode of Ellen.  “The Puppy Episode” was the first episode of the sitcom I ever watched and I watched it the day it aired in 1997.  Back then, my TV enthusiasm was just beginning, and this show had not previously […]

52 Shows, 52 Weeks: #13 The L Word

It’s time to get past this hurdle.  I’ve written about The L Word here more than any other TV show, perhaps more than any other topic.  Is there still more to say about this show?  When I began this project, I doubted that I had more to add to the conversation about The L Word […]