This is my profession. I’m a lesbiologist.

Are you a lesbian?

This is Day 4 since I finished “The L Word.” I managed to watch three seasons in two weeks, as if I were racing against something when the new season doesn’t even begin until January and that’s just for people who have Showtime. Because I watched an average of 3.6 episodes a day for 14 […]

One Week

It’s hard to believe it’s only been a week. Just eight days ago, I had settled comfortably into my summer routine of bad television, working a crappy job with crappy hours, and trying to write even though I seemed to be devoid of anything resembling skill, talent, and ideas. All that changed when I met […]

On Being a Lesbophile

Tonight I had the opportunity to ask a real lesbian if she watches “The L Word” and I chickened out. I simply didn’t have the guts. She is a very close, very good friend of my husband’s family, and I couldn’t have her thinking that Andy had gone and married a freak. How do I […]