This is my profession. I’m a lesbiologist.

52 Shows, 52 Weeks: #4 Lip Service

Over the long weekend, I watched all six episodes of the BBC series Lip Service that aired last fall, and I’m not sure how I feel.  I wonder sometimes if I’ve lost my ability to be bowled over, entirely excited by something.  I was discussing Black Swan with some colleagues this week and the reaction […]

Like Chely Wright

So I read Chely Wright’s book, Like Me, over Labor Day weekend. On the one hand, it was very country music. There was a lot of Jesus-loving and God-fearing, and boy howdy, she sure does support the troops. I expected this thread to run throughout the book, and while these are really the qualities about […]

Lifted Off the Ground

I’m sure you were expecting this post. Yes, I bought Chely Wright’s new Big Gay Album, Lifted Off the Ground. It is my first Chely Wright album. Perhaps you will recall that pre-coming out, I had just lukewarm feelings about her. I’m not too proud to admit that I am more interested in Chely Wright […]

Fake BFF in Real Crisis

I’ve suspected that Tammy and Melissa’s marriage was on the rocks for awhile. I am a careful (read: obsessive) reader of Tammy’s blog, and there have been subtle hints and vague references. There was one post that was neither subtle nor vague but it was soon removed. Its removal gave me hope, actually. I figured […]

A gay country music singer?!?!

When I read this post at Dorothy Surrenders yesterday morning, I was utterly shocked—not because I have no idea who Chely Wright is but because I know exactly who she is. You see, I am somewhat of a country music fan. This tidbit might surprise people who only know a certain side of me, but […]