This is my profession. I’m a lesbiologist.

A spot just opened up on my DVR schedule

TO: ABC RE: Grey’s Anatomy I don’t know why Brooke Smith was fired. I’ve read a lot of explanations and rumors (the best take on the issue comes not surprisingly from AfterEllen’s Sarah Warn*), but the real reason doesn’t matter to me at this point. It seems clear that her firing had nothing to do with her […]

“Protect Love”

I am more enthusiastic about same-sex marriage than a lot of my gay friends are, and I think I figured out why. I have straight guilt. I enjoy so many rights and privileges—both legal and social—just because I have a strictly heterosexual dating record. Every once in a while, I find myself having to tell […]

Feminism at the movies

Andy and I finally watched Itty Bitty Titty Committee a few weeks ago, and I have been intermittently working on this post ever since. You see, I wanted to write a careful, measured, thoughtful, point-by-point review of the film, but I don’t really do that. Also, I just want to gush about how much I […]

Alex Hedison for President

It has been awhile since I used this blog as a platform for expounding on the wonderfulness of Alex Hedison, and what better time to reconfirm my love than on her birthday? I knew who Alex was long before I ran across her on The Word, because she used to date Ellen DeGeneres. All I […]