When she learns to talk, she will call me Crazy Aunt Katie.

Two years old

Today is a very important day. No, I’m not talking about the Sweet 16 or Gloria Steinem’s birthday. This is a birthday even more important than Gloria’s. It’s Madeline’s second birthday today. (She’s on the right.) Last year, you may recall that I made a special birthday video for her. This year I’ve decided to […]

Spreading my influence

Madeline has a little brother now, and that means there is another person in the world who will call me Aunt Katie. Logan is very cute. His little tiny face is so little and tiny, and when he yawns, it nearly takes up his entire face. His face is a little bit skinnier than Madeline’s […]

Best friends

When I was in high school, I was rather odd. I know this is hard to believe, as I am so well-adjusted and mainstream now, but trust me, back then, I was not the confident, self-possessed, and easy-going person you know. First of all, I was skinny and my long, bony legs could not find […]

I think this is what the kids call “raw”

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting in my office at home playing with iMovie (with which I have recently become fascinated) and thinking about Madeline’s birthday, which is today. I noticed that one can export one’s iMovie directly to YouTube, and then I got an idea. I said to myself, “Self, you should record a birthday […]