Mangled Circuitry

One time Alexis called Luke’s mind a “mangled circuitry” and I’ve been calling mine that ever since.

“like spies in paradise”

There’s a song called “Night School” on Rosanne Cash’s new album, and I’ve been listening to it (and its cohorts) on the drive between Fort Wayne and Huntington, where I am teaching (you guessed it) a couple of night classes here at the beginning of the summer. In a lot of ways, these are perfect […]

Summer Hustle

This is not a revolution. It isn’t an identity crisis, either. I don’t know what it is. Last month, I started running. Well, I called it running, but it is more like jogging. Actually, it is whatever is slower than jogging and more sloppy-looking than walking. I can walk like a champion. I have long […]

The Year of Anxious Thinking

This has been another weird year, and today was no exception. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about Joan Didion and what she gives me and how I rely on her for support. In my late teens and early twenties, I lost my footing intellectually and emotionally pretty much every day, and Joan Didion got […]