Mangled Circuitry

One time Alexis called Luke’s mind a “mangled circuitry” and I’ve been calling mine that ever since.

Sailing on the friend ship

Making friends as an adult is weird. I mean, I was never good at it when I was a kid, but as an adult making the distinction between people who are polite and friendly and people who possess legitimate friend potential is tricky. For one thing, I’m not sociable. I’m not out in the world […]

Throwback Thursday

My cousin got married on Saturday. At the wedding, I received from my uncle this photograph of my dad at his older brother’s wedding in 1974. You can see that I come from classy folk. It’s weird to look at the face of my dad when he was nineteen years old and think that some […]

Let’s pretend

Let’s pretend that this is the only thing that happened today. At the WAMU studio, after an episode of The Diane Rehm Show about monarch butterflies, Diane herself helped release some butterflies. She kissed one goodbye.  

Growin’ up is hard to do

I’m thirty-one years old and I don’t think I’ve outgrown my Barbies. I’m pretty sure if I had them here at my house, I’d set up a house for Sabrina under the desk in my office. I’d park her aqua-colored ’57 Chevy next to it. She’d leave her clothes all over the floor and her […]

On motherhood

Sebastian continues to be an exemplary pet. He stands out on the basis of looks alone (and I think he knows it). I’m worried that I’m not qualified to be his mother, though. One night a few months ago, in the dead of winter, Sebastian was having a rough night, crying at his bedroom door […]