Mangled Circuitry

One time Alexis called Luke’s mind a “mangled circuitry” and I’ve been calling mine that ever since.

“I don’t wanna go to sleep/ I wanna stay up all night”

Of course, I didn’t think drinking in my thirties would look like this. I thought I’d develop a taste for red wine. I imagined countless evenings spent laughing over glasses of wine and dishes of pasta with shrimp. I figured I’d somehow outgrow my tendency to impulse-buy weirdly flavored gimmicky alcoholic beverages, drink just part […]

history of anxiety?

I have just a brief reaction to new patient/medical history forms to relate. It’s always the third or fourth page by the time the form gets to your mental/emotional issues. After I’ve answered list after list of questions about my cardio, neuro, pulmonary, etc. health and that of my genetic relatives, after I’ve documented all […]

Pneumonia and Mountain Dew: It’s Science

This is going to be about how much I like soda. I know that it’s an embarrassing habit. I know how awful it is for my body. Give me a break. I don’t smoke, and I quit steroids after just five days. I’m constantly working on this soda problem, but this post isn’t about that. […]